Tips From A Sex Dating Expert

You'd think that on a sex dating or escort site the women would be totally okay with just coming over to your place and fucking. That's the point of the site, right? You'd think that, but you'd be wrong, sadly. It doesn't matter how interested in sex they are, most women aren't all that keen on being treated like whores, and you can't blame them for that. That's why you need to be at least a little bit suave when it comes to successful sex dating. You don't have to sweep a girl off her feet but you need to set things up so she doesn't feel gross about going back to your place or inviting you back to her place for a fuck.

I've used adult dating sites for years. As well as booked my far share of escorts. My job takes up most of my time so a long term relationship just wouldn't work for me. I don't have the time to give a girlfriend what she needs. I still want to regular sex, though, so I use adult dating sites to make that happen. Over the years I've learned a few tips and tricks that usually ensure that I get laid once I've set a meeting with a girl. You'd be surprised at how often that goes terribly wrong, by the way. Meeting a girl is no guarantee you're going to have sex so be sure to pay attention.

First, meet at a place where you feel comfortable. She needs you to come off as confident. It can be a bar, coffee place, or somewhere else casual where lots of people will be (nothing creepy or totally empty!). Engage the girl in a little bit of casual conversation that's built on whatever you talked about in your messages to each other. If she was sexually forward in your emails/chats you can talk about that. You just have to help her relax and you can do so by talking and being confident.

The best way to get a girl back to your place for some free sex is to give her a reason to go other than sex. I know it sounds stupid but this is the crux of it all. Very few women are sexually comfortable enough to openly admit they want to casually fuck. That largely has to do with societal judgments (that's a topic for another time) but that doesn't really matter. What matters is that you realize it and can make it work for you.

Here's a simple way of getting her back to your place without mentioning sex. Find out what her favorite type of music is and then ask her back to your apartment to play a great CD you have by a band she'll love. You'll play the CD and for a few minutes you'll listen to it before you both get naked and get to the fucking. The point is that you can give her a reason to go to your place without her having to feel like a whore. It's all artifice and bull shit but it doesn't matter. Give her the reason and she'll take it because she wants good sex without feeling cheap and nasty. That's simple, right? That's how you can be an adult dating success.