Should You Tip An Escort

Tipping is a question anytime you engage someone in the service industry. How much are you supposed to tip the guys at the airport that take your bags from the car? How much is the bell boy supposed to get? What's appropriate at a restaurant? Not surprisingly there are questions about whether you should tip an escort and it's time to answer those questions. Also not surprisingly there is no one universal answer. That would be a boring article anyway!

The one situation in which you should always tip an Escort is if you're planning on seeing her again. It's not uncommon for men that sleep with escorts to establish a favorite or a few favorites and if you type you'll ensure good service the next time around. It's really the same policy you should have at a favorite restaurant. If you're a crappy tipper or an asshole the escort is either going to refuse to see you or she's not going to give it her all and anyone with any sort of sexual experience knows that what the woman puts into it makes a huge difference in the quality of the experience. So again, if you're a regular of a particular escort you should always tip. Plus, if you're a wealthy guy you might consider tipping really well as that will pay off in ways you can't even imagine for future visits.

If you visit an escort and she does a terrible job of pleasing you then you can feel free to tip her poorly or not tip at all. If she doesn't deliver on something she promised or she looks horrific (drugged out, fat, ugly, etc) you're well within your rights to withhold a tip. In any industry a tip is to show your appreciation for a job well done and if you feel like she's doing her job poorly you can let her know it by tipping poorly.

Here's something to consider though: if the escort works with an agency there's a good chance they're taking notes on you and that those notes are being shared with other agencies. There's a program designed specifically for sex workers that allows them to keep a database of phone numbers and since respectable agencies and escorts don't accept calls from blocked numbers you'll have to give your actual number. Then they look you up and they can read the notes that other escorts from around the world have left on you. If you're a crappy customer or you tip terribly you might find that those notes reflect that and you get rejected or you get poor service. So, when booking an escort through an agency you should probably always tip unless she was absolutely terrible. Plus, if you go through an agency you should know that the girl likely receives less than half the fee you're charged so she's not making as much money as you think to take you inside her body.