Sex Dating: Setting Yourself Apart From The Crowd

Women arent exactly mysterious creatures. Theyre built up that way by men that cant figure out how to interest a woman, but the truth is theyre pretty simple. On sex dating sites this is doubly true. Everyone is looking for the same thing: sex. If a woman joins a sex dating site and shes not looking for sex then theres no reason to bother with her. On regular dating sites you end up playing mind games with women because of all the preconceived notions they have about how to snag a man, make him theirs, etc, but most of that is filtered out when people are just searching for sex.

Sadly, that doesnt mean you can just post a few pictures and a paragraph about yourself and hope that ladies are going to fall all over you. Another truth about sex dating sites is that there are way more men looking to get laid than there are women. That means you really need to stand out if you want to have sex regularly. There are lots of guys that probably never get to sleep with a girl via a sex dating site because they just dont make the effort to build a profile thats worth viewing or they completely blow it when theyre messaging a woman. Its in those two areas where you can make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Lets talk communication first. Unless youre an exceptionally good looking man or have a mind blowing body chances are good youre going to have to send the first message. There are simply too many guys to look through and since most women are bombarded with messages they tend just to look through them and skip over the search function entirely. Thats why its utterly important that you stand out from the crowd. There are simple ways to do so and mistakes to avoid and if you develop a strong style youll ensure a high reply percentage and good luck getting laid on sex dating sites.

Your job is to communicate confidence in your first communication with a girl. That doesnt mean coming right out and asking if she wants to fuck or suck your cock. Thats not confident thats just creepy. Dont be creepy. Keep your messages brief youre going to send enough of them that you dont want to waste hours writing and only put in more time if she messages you back. Your only goal with the message is to convince her to check out your profile. You just need a small hook. Its an adult dating site so you can be a little bit dirty. Do it in a witty way though. Again, stay away from being creepy and youre good. Its best to look through her profile and find something you can comment on. It shows that you spent a little time checking her out, which is often more than enough to separate you from the crowd of guys that send mass messages in hopes of hooking anyone. So, be clear, quick, concise, and read her profile to come up with something to comment on. Also, dont be overtly disgusting because almost no woman is into that.

Once youve mastered the delivery of a good first message youll have lots of ladies visiting your profile. Knowing that, you need to make sure that your profile is impressive. You absolutely need a good picture and it doesnt have to be a nude. In fact, a cock pic is just as likely to turn off a woman as interest her. Its best to put a note that you have one available if a woman wants to confirm your size before meeting. Make sure the picture is flattering, shows your face (if youre unwilling to do that youre going to have trouble getting laid), and gives a sense of your body. You can go with something shirtless or just in a tight top. If youre flabby and you try to hide it chances are good the woman will jump ship before you get into bed with her.

What you write in your profile is hugely important. Its just like with your first message. You need to communicate confidence and avoid being creepy. You need to ensure the woman shes going to have a great time with you, everything is going to be safe, and that youre a great lover. If youre unsure of how to write the profile then read others and try to copy the ones that seem confident minus any creepiness. There are lots of ladies on any given site, too, so you can experiment. Write a profile, send a bunch of messages, and if you dont get any responses then write it again and try until you succeed.

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