The Keys To Sex Dating: Know What You Want

Successful sex dating is easy but there are simple mistakes that people make over and over again that make it harder than it needs to be. A prospective partner will give your profile a quick look and if you don’t match what they’re looking for they’re simply going to pass you by and find someone else. You don’t get a chance to charm them in person because they’re not looking for someone to marry. They’re looking for someone to fuck. One of the keys to keeping a prospective lover’s eyes on your profile is to know what you want and present it simply.

Some of you are probably thinking that sounds stupid since what you want is sex, right? That’s what everyone wants and you’re a fool if you don’t recognize that there are lots of different kinds of sex and everyone is looking for something different. That’s a big part of what makes sex dating so much fun. You can hook up with someone that fits exactly into the kind of sex you’re looking for, because once again you’re not looking for a long term thing. You just want to get off. The question is, what makes you get off better, harder, and in a more pleasurable way than anything else?

All Sex Dating sites give you room to say what you’re looking for and you will vastly improve your conversion rate if you use that space well. Don’t write something like this: “Looking for good sex with a hot chick!!!” That’s stupid because that’s what every man is looking for and in saying that you’ve ensured that you’re not different from any other dude posting. Come up with something different that singles you out and will instantly click with a lady that wants the same thing or that fits your desires.

If you don’t have any particular sexual desires – positions, rough sex, etc – then you can describe what you’re looking for physically, beyond a hot chick. Describe the type of body you like, the size tits you prefer, the hair color you want, etc. I know it sounds like you’re going to limit your potential pool of mates, but if you say that you’re willing to have sex with anyone you’re actually going to get fewer responses. The girls want to end up with a guy that knows what he wants and is not so desperate that he will fuck anything that moves. They want to feel special, like they’re the girl of your dreams and because of that the sex is going to be out of this world.

If you have a particular sexual desire it gets even easier. Maybe you’re into roleplaying a particular type of scenario. You want her to be the stern teacher and you the naughty student. If you have multiple roleplaying scenarios then put something new in your profile every week. Send out a slew of messages and you’ll find a girl that’s into exactly what you’re looking for and the two of you will click instantly.

If you’re into a particular type of sex – say you want to have really aggressive, hard sex – you should make that clear. It seems like you’re limiting yourself, but in reality you’re expanding the possibilities because a specific desire will catch the eyes of far more women. The more specific you get the easier sex dating is going to be for you. Just make sure you communicate what you want in simple, straightforward sentences. Try to be grammatically correct, clean up any sloppiness, and make it clear that you’re all about having good sexual fun.

There’s a world of possibilities out there as long as you’re willing to put a little work into your sex dating profile. Put what you’re looking for out there and the ladies will flock to you. Don’t be afraid to change it up when you want to try something new. You’re guaranteed a good time if you put in a little effort.