Identifying Fake Profiles on Sex Dating Sites

Sadly, sex dating sites are often loaded with fake or misleading profiles. They come in all shapes and sizes, really, and it's really frustrating when you think you've found the girl of your dreams and you discover that she's a prostitute or that she doesn't exist at all and she's the figment of some creepy guy's imagination. The best way to identify fake profiles on sex dating sites is simply to spend time on the sites browsing profiles. After a while you'll get a strong feel for what's completely fake, which girls are probably real but not likely to respond because they're too scared, which girls are down to fuck, which girls are down to fuck but will get scary and possessive, etc. However, I'd like to kick start your education with a few tips on how to spot a fake profile and skip right over it.

The easiest way to spot a fake profile on sex dating site is via the pictures. If they look like they were done in a photo studio or by an exceptionally talented photographer that was paid thousands of dollars then the profile is almost certainly fake. Regular girls that are on an adult dating site because they want to have casual sex with regular guys aren't going to go all out like that. Escorts are going to do that. Guys making profiles as girls so they can read dirty messages are going to steal images from the web and put them up as their own. Companies somehow using adult dating sites to advertise are going to use pro images. In short, if you see a super hot professional image you need to ignore what your penis tells you "I really want that girl" and be smart about it.

If a girl refuses to post any pictures it's another red flag. This isn't always a guarantee that the profile is fake, but it's usually a guarantee that something is wrong. It's perfectly understandable that she wouldn't want to post a face picture, but if she's not even willing to let you see what her body looks like you should be worried. It can mean a lot of things. Perhaps she's exceptionally fat or ugly and is ashamed of it. Perhaps she's not real and the person that created the fake account wasn't willing to make the extra effort to find a picture online to use. Perhaps the girl never got around to finishing her account after a simple sign up and you'd be wasting your time if you messaged her. Just because someone is listed as a member doesn't mean they're going to be an active participant in the sex dating site.

There are many possible clues in the text on sex dating sites. They give everyone a chance to write something about themselves to impress possible partners. It's most difficult to spot the fakes based on the text, but there are a few rules of thumb you can think about to help you out. First, if any woman mentions liking generous men or uses a dollar sign anywhere in her text you should forget about it. That's almost always just code for escorting. Generous men are expected to pay for their time with the girl. Sometimes that means exorbitant cab fare when it's over and sometimes it's a simple negotiated fee. There are far more respectable places to find an escort if that's what you're looking for.

Also be on the lookout for a profile that seems too good to be true. The definition of that will vary from guy to guy, but if a girl seems a little too enthusiastic about sex and a little too willing to share that enthusiasm (that's the key part) then she's probably baiting you with the text because she plans on charging money for her services or it's a guy looking to receive lots of dirty messages from horny men in some twisted little game in his head. There are certainly women that are as into sex as men are and as willing to be dirty about it, but they're much rarer and they usually don't broadcast it. They will share it in private, but they're not going to be outwardly slutty in a simple paragraph. Like I said, spotting fakes via text is a little more difficult but it can be done and the more experience you have on sex dating sites the easier it gets.