Finding The Right Girl On A Sex Dating Site

It seems like when you join a sex dating site you're a slam dunk to get laid. It should be just like hooking up with escorts. You make contact, you exchange a few emails, and then you get it on. Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world we live in. If it was that easy everyone would be online looking to get laid and bars would go out of business. There's a science to getting laid online and a big part of it is contacting the right women. Here's how you do that.

When browsing profiles you should steer clear of anything that seems too good to be true. I know that's vague advice, but if what the girl is saying sounds a lot like what you've thought about then the profile is probably fake or she's an escort masquerading as a girl looking for casual sex. Despite what you might have heard, women are genuinely different than men when it comes to their sexual needs. There are a small percentage of women that are into kinky stuff and totally meaningless, aggressive, purely physical sex but they're pretty rare, even on an adult dating site. That's why if you read a profile that seems like your absolute dream come true you should approach with caution. Go ahead and send a message, but don't dwell on it if you don't hear anything back. If you do hear back, make sure that you investigate thoroughly before committing to anything because you could end up in an awkward situation where she wants you to pay.

You never want to fuck a crazy girl. The sex is usually really good, but the aftermath can be nightmarish and even dangerous. Crazy girls get too attached, they get angry easily, and they can hurt you or someone you love if it goes really bad. Crazy girls can also be ferreted out easily. Their profiles seem a little off balance. Their messages with you don't seem right. You get a strange feeling about them. That's your instincts telling you not to fuck crazy.

You should almost always avoid girls that post really professional looking pictures. That means those pictures are almost certainly fake and that the girl either doesn't exist (a fake profile made by the site or a guy trying to get off on contacting other guys) or that she's lying about what she looks like, which is always trouble.

So what do you look for? Find a profile with a typical picture the girl snapped herself or that was taken by friends at a party, outing, etc. Pick someone that makes it clear what they're looking for but doesn't come off as crazy or some sort of fantasy girl that only lives to make your dreams come true (those girls are called hookers). Find someone that can write at least moderately well and that contacts you within a day or two. If someone is too easy or plays too hard to get they're not really in it for good casual sex. You want the sweet spot between the two.