An Escort Is Your Fantasy Girl

A hooker spreads her legs and lets you fuck her for $100 (or less depending on where you live). She'll blow you for even less. It's purely a sexual transaction and while it feels good, it lacks any sort of connection or emotional component. When you want that extra pleasure (which, in my opinion, enhances the sexual experience exponentially) you need to turn to an escort.

Escorts are fantasy girls and the good ones are able to intuit exactly what you need from them (even if you don't know what you need) and give it to you in exchange for the fee you've paid them. Sometimes that means worshipping your cock all night long with verbal praise, hot mouth action, and sex in all holes. Sometimes it means bolstering your confidence with a long talk about what an amazing man you are (it sounds cheesy but the good escorts can do that without it feeling false at all). Sometimes it means a little of everything ending with the most amazing orgasm you've ever had in your life.

Escorts charge more than a street hooker because they deliver more, and not just the ability to go to a nice apartment to fuck her. They tend to the needs you have beyond the sexual (or just your more advanced sexual needs). The girlfriend experience is popular because guys want to feel something more than an orgasm. They want to feel a connection to a girl in a perfect way where they don't have to worry about saying the wrong thing and fucking up their chances of getting laid that night. No matter what you say an escort will roll with it, make you feel like you're the smartest man in the world, and then bang your brains out and bring you to a body shaking orgasm (unless you get threatening, in which case she'll just take your money and leave).

More advanced fantasies that you'd never consider asking your girlfriend about can be taken care of by an escort as well. Almost anything you can dream of she'll let you do, including the dark stuff that dances around your brain when you sink to your dirtiest point and masturbate your cock furiously. Never underestimate the lengths an escort will go to ensure that you have a good time and end up sexually satisfied and eager to use her services again.