Escorts Directory Warning Signs

If youre going to make use of an escort directory for finding a date youll want to make sure that you find a trustworthy place to book dates. There are red flags you can be on the lookout for to warn you when youve come across a scammy site and are at risk of being ripped off or booking an appointment with a girl that looks nothing like her pictures, etc. When youre spending good money for a night of amazing, no strings attached sex you want to make sure you get your moneys worth. A good escort directory will provide you with that. A bad escort directory will provide you with nothing but heartache.

Smart business owners know that the best way to make money and retain customers is to provide a great product. Charlatans and cons looking to make a quick buck and bilk innocent, inexperienced people out of their hard-earned dollars know that theres always a sucker. You dont want to be that sucker and learning how to differentiate the sites that are providing a quality service and the ones that are just trying to rip you off is one of the best ways to prevent disaster in the escort world.

The design of the site can be a red flag. If youre not terribly familiar with the internet you might have some trouble spotting a shitty design, but chances are good that the bad ones will stand out to even the most novice of browsers. In essence, if the site looks really cheap and crappy then the site is really cheap and crappy and theyre simply trying to make a quick buck. If its hard to navigate, has bad graphics, uses old stock photos of models, etc, you should avoid it. If the site presents information in a clear and concise way, features an intuitive design, and wastes little time in getting you to the escorts its probably a good business.

Information is key. If an escort directory offers you little to no information about their escorts then its almost certainly a scam or just a bad site. A good escort business knows that this is a big decision and that you want to know about the girls before you take the plunge. Most guys want to know more than how they look, too. You want to have at least a small sense that you know this girl before you make the decision to spend a good amount of money on a night with her. Theyre escorts, not whores, and theres a big difference. Thus, when you come across a site that provides a picture and her height and weight you can rest assured that theyre running a bad business. In that same vein, if you come across a site that offers no pictures at all just click the close button and move to the next. Theyre definitely not selling anything worth buying.

If theres no information about rates for any of the girls on the site you should probably move on. Some girls are coy about how much they want to spend some time with you, and thats fine. Its annoying, but some girls like to play it like that. However, if none of the girls on the site list their rates then its worth finding another escort directory to work with. If you can send an email to get the rates thats okay. If they want a phone call you should move to another site.

If the escort directory youre browsing is loaded with advertisements for other sites you can safely skip it and move to another. If theyre too focused on making money and not focused enough on providing a good product then you have no use for them. Dont get caught in a bad situation with escort directories. Be smart and youll have the date of your life.