Escort Directory's - VS - Adult Dating Sites

An escort directory is a fine solution and for some of you itís probably the best way to go when youíre looking for a night of pure bliss. If youíre a wealthy, upstanding man with a reputation to uphold you should probably peruse and escort directory and find a lady of the night to spend some time with. Sheís paid to keep quiet, in essence, and sheís not going to blab to your wife, your kids, the local paper, her boyfriend, etc. Thatís about it though. For almost everyone else itís a better idea to go with an adult dating site over an escort directory.

First and foremost thereís the cost. Adult dating sites run you a fairly small amount on a monthly basis. An escort is going to be several hundred dollars for a session, perhaps quite a bit more if youíre going with the high end ladies (Elliot Spitzer paid something in the neighborhood of $4000 for a night with a girl). Your sex to money spent ratio is much better on an adult dating site, particularly if you look like a normal person (really, as long as you donít look like a troll you can get laid with regularity on an adult dating site). Most of us are restricted by whatís in our wallets so youíll be in good company if you canít afford the extreme price of an escort.

The fact that escorts sleep with lots of people Ė they do it for a living, after all Ė could be looked at as a negative or a positive. I would look at it as a negative though. Sure, they might have more experience and thus be able to pull off tricks that provide an extra thrill, but they might also be riddled with diseases that you can catch. Most escorts refuse to sleep with men that seem skeevy or gross but you canít be sure that sheís clean even if she shows you a recent test. Remember, her job is to have sex with random men, which is the surest way to catch something. A girl from an adult dating site could have something as well, but the chances are lower, especially if sheís strict about protection, which youíll be able to tell the first time you talk with her.

If you find a girl you really like through an escort directory you can certainly keep going back to her, but youíll have to pay every time. If you find a girl that you really like though an adult dating site you can hook up with her over and over again (assuming she feels the same way) without paying anything. Heck, you could get married to her and it would mean a lifetime of the great sex that you first bonded over. Itís possible to form relationships on adult dating sites if youíre looking for something along those lines. Itís only possible to form one-sided relationships if youíre using escorts.

An Escort Directory canít help you if you have a sky high sex drive. If you need to fuck several times a week and youíre not a very wealthy man youíll have to turn to an adult dating site for your needs. Thatís where you can find sexy ladies willing to satisfy your desires as long as you satisfy theirs. Itís a mutually beneficial sexual relationship and you can even setup weekly dates with the ladies you really connect with. Soon enough youíll have a full calendar of sexual encounters setup and you wonít have to pay for anything but that measly monthly membership fee, which in the scheme of things is next to nothing. Thatís why an adult dating site is such an appealing prospect and an escort directory seems like such a poor option.