Escort agencies versus solo escorts

When a man is interested in sex without any emotional attachment or work to convince the girl he can turn to an escort. It's a simple exchange. The girl gets money and the guy gets sex. There are no questions asked other than how he likes to cum and what position he wants to fuck her in. The only non-sexual decision he has to make is how much to tip his lady. There are choices to be made before you setup an appointment with an escort though and one of the first is whether you should use an escort agency or contact an individual escort working on her own.

The biggest downside of using an agency is that it's almost certainly going to cost more. The girls always have to give a percentage of their fee to the agency ñ it ranges from 30 to 50 percent ñ and they have to make up for that by charging more. That means what might have cost $100 will run you $200 if you go through the agency. On the surface it sounds like there's no decision to make. Why not just go with the girl working on her own, right? There are reasons, believe me.

Escorts are generally not entirely stable girls. It takes a certain mindset to have sex for a living and the girls that get into it aren't always psychologically healthy. The point is that the escort agencies screen the girls carefully to ensure they're not employing a crazy person that will get the agency in trouble or do something horrible to a client. They want stable, smart girls that are sexually open and willing to try new things. They don't want wild sluts that get great satisfaction from fucking but also live on the edge of sanity. The escort agency often provides a location for you to go as well so you don't have to spring for a hotel or go to the solo girl's apartment.

That being said, there are plenty of escorts in the world that are perfectly sane and just a little damaged so they love fucking for money and are more than happy to show you a great time. You can find those girls on an escort site or an adult dating site if you work for it. You just have to browse around, read reviews (it's a good idea to read escort reviews whenever you can), and see if you can talk to the girl on the phone to ensure she sounds stable and nice. You want her to be hot in bed, obviously, but it's also good if she's not nuts.

The other big issue with patronizing solo escorts is that they're not always as clean as the girls that work for agencies. There's no one keeping track of them so they can fuck anyone they want, whenever they want, in any way they want. That means some might go bareback for a big tip and that can spell trouble for you. It mostly comes down to money. If you can pay the extra cash then go through the agency. If not then do some work to find a sane, sexy escort.