Dont Be Cheap With An Escort

In life you almost always get what you pay for. If something seems like too good a deal to be true that's because it usually is. If you're buying electronics and they're really cheap that means they're stolen or fake. If your lady wants plastic surgery the doctor with the really low rates is also the one that sucks at his job. The same is true with escorts. If a girl wants $50 to fuck you then you definitely don't want to be fucking her. You get what you pay for and you should never be cheap when it comes to escorts.

When browsing profiles you should steer clear of anything that seems too good to be true. I know that's vague advice, but if what the girl is saying sounds a lot like what you've thought about then the profile is probably fake or she's an escort masquerading as a girl looking for casual sex. Despite what you might have heard, women are genuinely different than men when it comes to their sexual needs. There are a small percentage of women that are into kinky stuff and totally meaningless, aggressive, purely physical sex but they're pretty rare, even on an adult dating site. That's why if you read a profile that seems like your absolute dream come true you should approach with caution. Go ahead and send a message, but don't dwell on it if you don't hear anything back. If you do hear back, make sure that you investigate thoroughly before committing to anything because you could end up in an awkward situation where she wants you to pay.

There are a few important reasons to pull out your wallet and be willing to spend when it comes to escorts. First and foremost is the question of disease. A condom protects pretty well from most diseases when you're the one doing the fucking but it's not perfect. Herpes and genital warts can be picked up easily even if you're wearing a glove. So can a number of other STDs. If you have a girlfriend or wife at home and you're banging escorts then you need to make certain you're not bringing your lady a present. Plus, some of the diseases can't be cured with a simple shot so you'll have them for a lifetime. No night of sex is worth that.

More expensive escorts are better looking and it's always more fun to fuck a hottie. The good looking girls can charge that much because there's more demand for them. You're almost never going to find a good looking escort asking $50 for a blowjob and $100 to fuck her. Prices differ depending on where you live where the cost of living is lower you'll find cheaper escorts but it's almost always $200 or more to fuck a hot escort, particularly if she works for an escort service that screens the clients (they have to split the money in those cases).

If you're being cheap with escorts you increase the chances of something terrible happening. The girls that work for real cheap rates are more than happy to knock you out with a drug in your drink and steal everything they can before you wake up. You think you're getting a great deal by paying so little and then the girl rolls you and walks away with all your hard-earned cash, your credit cards, and your driver's license. Untangling that mess is a real pain in the ass.

A good escort experience doesn't come cheap. That's just how it goes. Ideally you want to go with the girls that work for a service or that are expensive enough that disgusting guys just can't afford it. The extra money is worth it for the extra level of service. If you can cum twice in an hour then those girls will let you do that and make it seem like they couldn't be happier to get you off twice. You could also just use a sex dating site for a lot less money. It's a little more complicated but if you're cost-conscious it's the way to go.