Booking An Escort In 3 Easy Steps

Some men are intimidated at the prospect of booking an escort. Despite their desire to spend the night with a beautiful woman they've paid to make them feel good, they're nervous about actually making the call or sending the email and getting the ball rolling. Those men don't have to be nervous though. You don't have to be nervous about your desire for escorts. They're fantastic women that live to please. You offer them money in exchange for spending time with them and they offer you immense pleasure of all kinds (with most escorts it's not just sex; you get a rub, maybe some kissing, a lingerie show, etc).

If you're worried about the legalities of escorts you don't have to be. Every girl makes it perfectly clear that you're not paying for sex with her. You're paying to spend time with her and the sex is merely a byproduct of your mutual connection and desire for each other. That clears you of any legal issues. If you're worried about the cost, well, there's nothing I can do about that. Spending time with an escort is expensive and there's no way around that. It might not be as pricey as you think, though. You probably heard about Eliot Spitzer paying $4000 for a night with his lady, but you can find a genuinely gorgeous girl that will ask only $200 for an hour. That's a good rate for a safe, clean experience with a stunningly hot chick.

Escort directories are the best place to start. There are a number to choose from so you'll have to do some browsing. Go with one that has lots of pictures of the girls, plenty of information, and a nice design. The better the site looks the more legitimate it's likely to be. The escort directory is where you'll make the first step, which is choosing the escort you want to spend some time with. Do you want a girlfriend experience (made to feel like you're on a date with your GF, it usually includes lots of kissing, conversation, and more intimacy outside of sex), do you want to bang a pornstar, do you want a redhead, a blonde, an Asian, a black girl, etc? There are lots of choices and I encourage you to browse through a list of the ladies to see what appeals to you most.

Once you've settled on your desired type you should browse the ladies. Take your time to read what the girl has to say, browse her pictures, etc. If she has a website you should visit and read more about her. Nowadays, the serious escorts all have their own sites where you can see pictures, get detailed information on the rates (some girls refer to dollars as roses so as not to even invite suspicion), and more. When you're looking at escorts it's always good to be thorough so you're assured the best experience possible for your money.

Making contact is your next step. Most escorts have an email address and some will offer their phone numbers. If your number is blocked they're not going to pick up so don't block it. Don't be weird when you make contact because almost all escorts have plenty of business and they don't need to deal with possibly strange guys. They'll just hang up and move on. There's nothing wrong with being nervous. In your first contact just introduce yourself and tell the girl you'd like to spend some time with her. Let her guide the way when it comes to specifics. She will almost certainly ask if you're looking for something in particular and then you can inform her of any fantasy you're looking to fulfill. If you're nervous, don't be afraid to take your time. These girls are all quite reasonable and sensitive to the needs of the men they serve.

Booking and then showing up for the appointment is your third step. You've found the escort directory, you've found the escort of your dreams, and you've made contact with her. Now you just need to book a time, show up, and have some fun. Let her guide your time together. She knows what you want better than you do and she's happy to make your fantasies come to life. You won't regret your time with her.