Being An Alpha Male Pays In Sex Dating

In the animal kingdom, it is only the alpha male that gets to mate with all the females in a particular pack, and thus it is the only male that gets its genes propagated. The alpha male in a group of males was usually determined through fights that occasionally lead to the death of the loser. Although the fights were usually bloody and with extremely high stakes, the rewards were always enticing, chief of which was having sex with all the females in the vicinity.

The world today is almost similar, although less cruel and less brutal than the animal kingdom. However, despite the civility that we have adopted as human beings in the carrying out of our day to day activities, the dominance of the alpha males in the field of sex dating and romance is never so different from that of the animal kingdom. The human alpha males still get most of the best women in the world while the rest of the people get the remnants. It is that brutal.

However, unlike in the animal kingdom where the other males were banished from the pack and even sometimes got killed; the other males in our world get to fight another day. The good thing about being human is the fact that we can comfortably learn any trait that we choose to, and if getting laid is one of the things you want in life, then learning the alpha male traits is a must for you.

One of the basic character traits that you will need to develop is to get used to not qualifying yourself. Never get defensive and start explaining things as this may come off as being in need of the approval of other people. They do not seek anyones approval because they know who they are and are very comfortable being themselves and thus do not look too needy or insecure. This quality is attractive to most ladies as they always and will always at all times appreciate a man who knows himself. To develop this trait simply requires you to constantly restrain yourself from self-criticism or needless boasting.

Talking slowly and deliberately is another quality that has been identified by most behavioral scientists as a quality that alpha males display. This is a show of confidence which is rare in most people who will try and talk faster for fear of not having the attention of others. An alpha male will not really be concerned with the attention of other people, rather he will say what he has to say on his terms without thinking that he is under pressure to fit in any persons time frame. When you are on a sex date this will go a long way with your date.

Looking around and fidgeting is a characteristic of insecure people who do not have the capacity to be content with whom they are. This is a big turn off to a lady on a sex date. For the alpha male, attention is something that they never seek or unnecessarily give, but something that they believe should come naturally to them. This belief makes it easier for them to concentrate on themselves and not on what other people are doing or not doing.

The alpha males are never mean when it comes to appreciating good qualities in others when they really deserve it although this does not mean that they are easy to impress. Complementing others where it is necessary shows that they are comfortable enough in their skins to notice the good in others. This is what makes the main difference between a person who is a mere jerk and a genuine alpha male.

One can never catch an alpha male answering questions and explaining himself like a child. What they do, they have done and that is how it will be. Over-explaining oneself is a quality that is common among people who doubt their capabilities something which an alpha never does or rather always pretends to never do. When Sex dating be an alpha male and you will be hitting more ass than you ever have in your life!