Using An Adult Dating Site To Get Laid

There are lots of ways to get laid. You could find a long term girlfriend. That almost always provides you with the most consistent level of sex unless you both let yourselves go or you stop tending to the relationship and the sex just dies. You could pay escorts/hookers. That can be dangerous and will almost certainly get you a disease at some point. Plus, it can be exceptionally expensive. You could go to bars and clubs every night trolling for girls willing to sleep with you, but that too is expensive and it's terribly exhausting. All of the above are reasonable ways to get laid and they all hold appeal for certain types of people. What if you want the simplest, cheapest, quickest way to get laid?

That's where an adult dating site comes in. Before the internet your only option in this arena was to place personal ads in seedy city newspapers. Now you can go online and join a site where millions of people with the same desire congregate. The beauty of an adult dating site is that almost everyone wants to get laid (you'd think it would be everyone but some people are just there for the titillation and flirtation) so it's the easiest possible way to get have sex. You just have to be persistent enough to meet someone.

You have to pay for an adult dating site if you want to meet someone. There are a few that allow you to receive messages without paying but that's pretty useless. However, they're all cheap when compared to paying for an escort/hooker or even a regular dating site (those places tend to charge a fortune). Some adult dating sites are more expensive than others, but if you browse around you'll find you can get access to one for $10/month or less if you're willing to spring for a full year's access up front. The beauty of it is, that's always a good investment because these sites actually work. People actually get laid using them. There's a reason they're so popular.

Along with that low cost you get a simple experience. Anyone can figure out how to use an adult dating site. You fill out a profile, upload a picture, and start browsing. If you want to up your chances of getting laid you'll have to work a little to make sure you're presenting the best image possible, but it's not terribly difficult. You just have to remember that everyone is there for the same thing, that no one wants to feel like a whore, and that no one wants to feel unsafe. Keep it cool, be calm and smart, and you'll be in bed with a beautiful woman before you know it.

Buying time with an escort is undoubtedly the fastest way to get laid (that can literally happen within minutes if you call the right girl/service) but that's usually super expensive and thus silly. If you know what you're doing you can get laid using an adult dating site on the first day you sign up. It's really about looking at least semi-attractive in your profile picture and not being scary in the first message you send a girl. If you have your bases covered in those two realms you're all set and the ladies will soon message you back and you'll be on a date and in her bed before long.

Adult dating sites are relatively safe, particularly for men. It's always smart to meet in a neutral location before going to anyone's apartment so you can judge their sincerity and/or craziness level. As long as you're not an utterly terrible judge of people you'll know when someone is going to be a good time and when someone might be crazy enough to pull out a kitchen knife and try and plunge it into your chest. Adult dating sites still require a little bit of work to get laid but it's remarkable how much of it they take care of for you before you even sign up. If you're of a single-minded purpose ñ having sex ñ there's no better place to find the girl that will get you off.