Adult Dating: From the profile to the bedroom
Steps To Follow To Close The Deal In Less Than 24hrs

Success on an adult dating site is like a game. It is a dance your doing with the women that are looking to get laid just like you. They are largely in control because there are less of them then there are men on the site, which means you need to stand out from the crowd. You need to beat the other contestants in the game and if you know what you are doing it is easy. Follow these steps and you are sure to end up in between the sheets with a beautiful woman in no time at all and be a big success with adult dating and sex dating.

First, put some time into your adult dating profile. Craft a message that comes across as confidence without being arrogant, communicates that you are all about giving the girl pleasure through whatever means necessary, and that you are not some creepy weirdo that is going to subject her to serious unpleasantness in the bedroom. No lady wants that. Be sure to include a couple of good pictures of yourself. If you have a great body don’t be afraid to show it off. It is best to avoid cock pics though. Those do not charm anyone (even if you are hung).

Craft short, smart messages to the women you want to sleep with. Send lots of them. You need to go with high volume messaging to get an adult date. Make sure each message has something personal that shows you read her profile. Do not get creepy or be arrogant and nasty. Even when sex dating no one likes that. Its like an opening line at a bar. It just needs to be smart and simple. If she responds you can message her with something longer if you would like. If you want to hook up in that 24 hour window you will need to ask her for a meeting though.

Set a meeting at a bar (or coffee shop, bookstore, whatever) near your place. A neutral site gives her a chance to feel you out before deciding if she wants to sleep with you. Again, it is important to give off an air of confidence without veering into a creepy place. You do not want to seem like someone who is just going to take what they want from a girl. You want to seem like someone that is going to get what they want by giving the girl what she needs. Be charming at the meeting. Make sure you pay for her drink (unless she insists otherwise). Do not wait too long before suggesting you move to the next part of the adult dating evening.

For the most part, women do not want to feel like whores. That is why you need a plan of some sort. Do not just ask her back to your place to fuck. Give her a reason to be at your place so you can fuck. Tell her you have an awesome painting you want to show her or a great movie she needs to see. Ask if she wants to get some takeout and bring it back to your place. Offer to cook her dinner (keep it simple if you do so). Tell her you have a great bottle of wine. Its best if you know a little something about her and can appeal to an interest of hers to get her back to your place (if she loves travel then ask her to come back to your place so you can show her pictures from your latest international vacation). You both know that you are not going back to your place to do whatever you have invited her to do, but she will feel more comfortable going with you if there is a reason, no matter how flimsy it is. She wants to have sex, and knows she is on a sex date, but does not want to feel like a complete slut and it does not take much effort to make that happen. It is up to you to do so.

Once you have her at your place take a little time to make her comfortable. Offer her a drink, get into whatever it was that got her back to your place (here is my vacation album!) for a little bit, and then move on to the sexy part of the evening. A little mood music and some light foreplay is best to start and then you can move to the bedroom and seal the deal. Alcohol always helps to loosen things up, but do not make it seem like you are trying to get her drunk. One glass of wine will do the trick. Once you are naked together you can let all the pretenses go and just have fun fucking. Follow these sets and you will be an adult dating and sex dating animal!