Adult Dating Makes Casual Sex Easy

Whenever I hear a guy talk about how he doesn't get laid enough I suggest he try a Sex Dating site. It's worked really well for me and I can't help but try and get other guys into it. I explain the virtues of casual sex and the intense pleasures of meeting new women all the time and fucking like crazy. Some guys are amazed that sites like these exist and they get on board right away. Other guys are scared of the whole notion of casual sex, which is a real shame. Let's talk about it.

I understand that for some people casual sex or even sex with Escorts is an impossible concept to wrap your head around. In my experience that reaction is due to a religious upbringing that taught that sex was between two people that love each other and only for married couples. These days most people have given up on the marriage part of it but don't feel comfortable having sex outside of a long term relationship. I just feel differently about it. I see sex as a wonderful intimate act but believe it can be shared by people that don't know each other particularly well. In fact, I think casual sex can be the most arousing type. If you've just met someone the electricity is amazing. The adrenaline of not knowing each other and hungrily exploring is out of this world. That's why I encourage everyone in the anti-casual sex camp to try it at least once and see if that high of the new and fresh is as amazing as I think it is.

Sometimes guys are concerned with disease and figure that girls on adult dating sites are bound to be infected with all kinds of stuff. Same thing with men and women who do a lot of Wife Swapping This is a valid concern, but at the same time it's almost always horribly overblown. The truth is that as long as you use a condom the only thing you really need to worry about is herpes. That can be picked up even with protection because the skin that sheds off can contain the virus. Plus, if someone has a cold sore and goes down on you they will almost certainly give you the virus. You're not going to get HIV if you're using a condom. There's a vaccine for HPV. Hep-C is almost never transmitted sexually. The other diseases are curable with a shot and a condom will protect you from them exceptionally well. Casual sex with girls from adult dating sites does not put you at risk for terrible diseases (unless you're fucking heroin addicts, in which case you're an idiot).

Whatever your reason for disliking casual sex I encourage you to at least try it on for size at least until you can lock down a Hot Wife Get out there and have some good casual sex and see what it's like. An adult dating site is the easiest way to do so since everyone on the site wants the same thing. Find a girl to fuck and give it to her hard. Use protection, have fun, and you'll definitely want to try it again.