Escorts Or A Girlfriend

There is always the question between what is better between the idea of having a girlfriend satisfy your desires or settling for an escort. There are some people who believe that there is basically no difference between having sex with an escort and having sex with a person whom you call your girlfriend because sex is just that, sex. They go further to state that the only difference between the two is the simple fact that in the case of the escort, she leaves with your money while your girlfriend gives you her vagina for free.

In the current world and with most economies still recovering from the economic meltdown, the idea of hiring an escort is something that most people will definitely shy away from, especially those who can easily get a girlfriend. This is so considering the fact that escorts these days cost up to over $2000 per hour, a sum of money which most people would not be willing to part with. Most escort agencies charge very huge fees so as to cater not only for the escort but also for their high overhead expenses and this gets even worse where the escort is popular with the clients.

However, this may be said to be justified because of the experience that comes with the escort. An escort is largely experienced and trained in the field of handling men and therefore it may be a richer experience to have an escort rather than a girl that you just met. Most escorts have great figures and are very liberal when it comes to sexual matters and hence they may be open to do things that one never imagined. This therefore means that it can be comfortably said that with escorts, one gets to experience what he has always been fantasizing about while in the case of a girlfriend, one has to restrict himself as to expectations for fear of being perceived as a person who demeans women.

One of the major reasons as to why most people consider having services of an escort has to do with the complicated dating scene where the fear of rejection and the fear of meeting strangers rule. It is quite intimidating for people who are not naturally confident to walk up to lady and ask her number. It therefore makes sense to spend money on somebody who is already willing to be with you the minute you pay. There is no fear of rejection involved when it comes to escorts and one can therefore comfortably have sex with a hot woman without having to be nervous.

Since most Escorts are trained on how to treat and handle men, most of them have the ability to make a man feel special unlike most girlfriends and women at home who only whine endlessly. Most people therefore seek escorts as an escape from the harsh reality of the real world. Some people also may use them just for company and to offload their worries and problems often, problems which he could not share with anyone else. They are therefore beneficial in that they help people to vent out comfortably something which might be hard to do with a girlfriend for fear of being perceived as weak.

However, with the growing number of adult dating sites all around the world, most of the worries associated with escorts and the traditional girlfriends do not have to be there. People these days can conveniently meet online and easily hook up for steamy one-night stands where one does not have to worry about the burdens that come with the traditional girlfriend. These dating sites provide an alternative to the escorts and are more convenient because one does not have to pay the girl. It is a mutual affair between two people with common interests.