Escorts Can Be Crazy

We've talked before on this site about not fucking crazy women. The sex is always good and the aftermath is always a mess. Ultimately it's not worth it, even if the Free Sex is totally mind blowing. Dealing with all that craziness gets overwhelming and will make you want to pull your hair out. Guys seem to assume that they're not going to run into any of that with an escort, but that would be an error. There are plenty of perfectly sane escorts, to be sure, but there are lots that will scare you with how nutty they can be.

The problem is that a girl just doesn't get into having sex for money unless she's a little bit mentally damaged (and often damaged in a major way). We are not taking about Wife Swapping but actual sex for money. Most of these girls suffered some sort of trauma growing up and it changed their brain. That happens to lots of people, of course, and for escorts something about that change pushed them into selling their pussies and mouths for a living. The problem is that the abuse often leads to craziness in the brain, which can manifest in all sorts of ways that you don't want to deal with. Plus, escorts are often drug addicts and you can never predict how an addict is going to behave, which is why it's always best to avoid them when it comes to sex for money.

The point of this article is to warn you away from super cheap escorts and those that work solo or on the free sites. You don't want to find an Escorts on Craigslist. Almost all of those girls are drug addicted nuts that will drug you and steal your wallet as soon as they sleep with you. Is that the kind of craziness you want to risk just to save $100 on a screw? Sites like Craigslist are always cheaper because the girls keep everything themselves and the guys on there aren't willing to pay much. However, with escorting you always get what you pay for. If you want to pay $50 to screw someone then you're going to get a nasty, crazy escort that might totally fly off the handle and do something scary before you can get out of the fleabag motel or her disgusting apartment (if you're paying $50 for sex you're not doing it at a classy place).

An escort directory is a great idea if you're looking for escorts and good sex. Generally the models have to pay for a listing and the guys going there expect quality so the trashy girls don't bother with it. On a directory you can look over a girl's pictures (the best directories insist that all pictures are non-airbrushed) and read about her services and costs. A little oversight goes a long way towards helping you avoid crazy escorts. Of course, you could always just use an adult dating site and avoid the costs altogether. It's worth considering! Take your time and find a sexy escort to have an affair with Affair