Five Common Adult Dating Mistakes Made by Men

If you dont have any experience in the adult dating world youre bound to make mistakes. Thats how it goes with any new endeavor youre undertaking. The best way to learn is by doing but youre always going to be better prepared if you have information at your fingertips. Thats why were going to highlight five common adult dating mistakes made by men. Read up and make sure to avoid them. Remember, the goal is to get laid and have fun.

Adult dating mistake #1: Using the wrong dating site
This one is pretty simple. If you pick the wrong site youre screwed. Every adult dating site is going to have more men than women (even the ones that talk about having lots of ladies), but there are some where the ratio is so out of whack that you dont stand a chance at getting laid because theres just too much competition. Weve seen 30:1 ratios of men to women on certain sites and paying a monthly fee for that is akin to setting fire to your hard-earned cash. This means youll have to do a little research. Read reviews of adult dating sites, use the free features to browse before paying for anything, and make sure they have lots of female members. Use one of our certified Adult Dating sites, we did all the research for you!

Adult dating mistake #2: Being afraid to contact lots of women
Its not ridiculous to think that you should only try and contact a few women so you dont seem like youre just trolling for anyone that will sleep with you. Unfortunately, on adult dating sites its a numbers game and you need to cast a wide net. Women on these sites get tons of messages and most get ignored. Keeping sending messages, winks, etc, until you find a girl thats into you and will message you back. Youre not being a man whore when you contact lots of ladies. Youre just being thorough. Everyone is there for the same thing.

Adult dating mistake #3: Having a bad profile
Of course, no matter how many women you message if you have a bad profile you dont stand a chance at getting laid. Make sure your pictures are good, and its probably not a good idea to show off your cock in your profile. It makes you seem a little too forward. Have a cock picture ready to go if a lady requests it. Otherwise, put up a few nice pictures that show your body without being over the top and if youre willing to show your face thats a smart move too. Be clear about your sexual desires without being creepy. Try to throw something in there about making sure that your partners have a great time. Give the lady a sense that youre going to do everything you can to get her off and youll be between her legs in no time.

Adult dating mistake #4: Being too aggressive
Women love confidence in a man, but some men take that to mean they should be aggressive and pushy, which is often an utter disaster, particularly on an adult dating site, where an aggressive and pushy guy is seen as someone dangerous by the vast majority of the women. No girl wants to be sexually assaulted so dont give off that vibe. Instead, show your confidence by assuring her that shes going to have amazing sex with you, that the orgasms are going to flow like wine, and that youre going to be a gentleman (unless she wants otherwise). Inspiring confidence that youre not going to hurt her in some way is the best way to ensure a successful sexual interaction with a gal on an adult dating site.

Adult dating mistake #5: Sounding too desperate
Women can sense desperation from a mile away. Whether its in a profile, your pictures, or in the first phone or in person meeting the biggest mistake a guy can make when trying to get laid is to sound desperate. No woman wants to feel like youd fuck anyone or anything and that youre going to fuck her because shes available. No woman wants to feel like youre a desperate loser and theyre stooping to new lows to have sex with you. Dont be desperate. Be confident. Then the ladies will flock to you.